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Death Leisure by Chris Ayres


Leisure by Chris Ayres

Published February 3rd 2009
ISBN : 9781555849153
0 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The hilariously intrepid young author of War Reporting for Cowards returns from Iraq only to dive head-first into another absurd, terrifying world: the American leisure class. Like Hunter Thompson crossed with one of David Brookss bobos in paradise, Ayres embeds himself in LAs leisuretocracy,an over-the-top world of caviar facials, billionaire charity balls, souped-up SUVs, and monster home loans…not to mention $1,000-a-night brothels and million-dollar poker tournaments. Ayress highly leveraged lifestyle lands him a surreal night with a supermodel, a date at Michael Jacksons birthday party in Neverland Ranch (Ayres bribes the organizers five grand to get in), and a wife courtesy of Craigslist. But disaster is never far away. In the books brutal final section, Ayres is forced to confront the excesses of his generation at a scene of apocalyptic destruction: the Katrina-ravaged South. Told with a blend of offbeat irreverence, genuine pathos, and incisive social commentary, Death by Leisure is a savage and darkly humorous odyssey that taps directly into the contemporary psyche.