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So Ist Das Leben, Carlota Gemma Lienas

So Ist Das Leben, Carlota

Gemma Lienas

Published 1997
ISBN : 9783891063156
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 About the Book 

This was the first Spanish book I bought, I was in 10th grade back then. When I bought it, I had been reading in English for a while, and I thought that it couldn’t be much more difficult in Spanish. The thing is that my Spanish was not as good as my English, and I didn’t make the effort to actually read it, because my Spanish vocabulary was extremely limited and the novel was written in Past tenses, and I wasn’t very good with their conjugations. When I finally got a good Spanish level, I was older and the thought of reading this book which is meant for preteens did not delight me. As it was the last Spanish book in my TBR pile this year, I thought that it could not be bad for me to read it.In the end, it was a nice read. The writing is not extraordinary, but it seems that Spanish contemporaries are not really good in general. I didn’t feel like the story matched the book description. In my opinion, this novel is about the way a 14-year-old teenager deals with her parents’ divorce. Love stories, her best friend, etc. mentioned in the description are kind of background information. The story is really good for preteens, but this is the kind of book you only enjoy at that age, because the narrator is really young and immature, and there is not a lot going on.I learned quite a lot of vocabulary with this book, as the story takes place in a family context, there was a lot of specific vocabulary about the house that you don’t usually learn in class (ex: shutters, tiles, to crochet, a powder flask, etc.) and many colloquial idioms, that were easily found in a dictionary and which could be really useful! As a result, I recommend it to foreign readers because it is a relatively short and easy read, in which you can learn new vocabulary.I heard that the author had written a lot of other books with Carlota as the protagonist, but which could be read independently of each other. I will not read the rest of the series because it is not for people my age and it is not amazing, but I do not criticize it because I think the books are totally appropriate for young readers.